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Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives for 2014 - 2018

IDEP's Vision

Life in Harmony with Nature.


IDEP's Mission

  • Strengthening community resilience – ‘Helping People To Help Themselves’ built community resilience through demonstration, community assistance and advocacy, training related to sustainable agriculture and disaster risk reduction.
  • Preservation of the environment – Supporting communities and environment itself to build sustainability living and community resiliences.

IDEP's Values

  • Sustainability
  • Focusing to community, including groups with special needs
  • Active without violence
  • Non-partisan
  • Natural harmony
  • Independence
  • Effective

IDEP's Objectives 2014-2018

  • Increasing community capacity in Indonesia:

Deliver appropriate community resilience training and educational media for communities in recovery; Use permaculture to rebuild community resources in a sustainable  way;  Public  awareness  campaign  and  advocacy  related  to  sustainable living and disaster risk reduction in community and school level; Exchange information between institutions at national and local level on community resilience.

  • Media development to support community awareness:

Development and dissemination of community advocacy media on permaculture and disaster risk reduction; Public awareness through educational media for community and  school  level;  strengthening  social  media  campaign  to  support  organizational vision and mission.

  • Develop a replicable community modeling for sustainable living and community resilience:

Strengthen and enhance community resilience models; IDEP Institutes of Permaculture; Disaster risk reduction activity through training, reforestation and planting, seed saving/seed banks, water preservation, earthquake safe house for poor community; Implementation of renewable biogas energy.


IDEP Foundation strategic objectives 2014 - 2018


Please click here to download IDEP Foundation strategic objectives 2014 - 2018



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