What We Do

IDEP develops and delivers training, community programs and media about sustainable development through Permaculture, and community-based disaster management. For more than a decade IDEP has been delivering practical programs and public education activities to communities in need all over Indonesia.

IDEP seedling on coconut tree leaves pot 


To date the work that has been done has resulted in:

Over 10,000 kids joined environmental educational activities
Over 50,000 disaster survivors assisted
Over 14,000 downloads of educational media
Over 1,500 people learnt disaster management
Over 100,000 given emergency assistance
Over 40 educational films produced
Over 5,000 people learnt environmental management

All of this important work was made possible thanks to supporters like yourselves. IDEP continues helping communities and need your continuous support.

We deliver training in local communities and schools as well as to government and non-government organizations. Our training is about more than just conveying information. We and our partners work directly with communities to maintain ongoing disaster management and sustainable development projects. To see the range of trainings that IDEP offers see: IDEP training website.

Our media includes films, educational resources, booklets, manuals, board games, kid's activity books, and awareness-raising media such as posters and campaigns.

If you would like to make a donation in support of IDEP foundation's programs please go to our Donation to IDEP to pledge your support.

Permaculture design seeks harmonious integration of landscape and people to provide food, shelter, energy and other material or non-material needs in a sustainable way.

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Indonesia is one of the most disaster prone nations in the world. It is located at the friction points of three continental tectonic plates, and has the largest number of historically active volcanoes in the world. Earthquakes are frequent and there is a high risk of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, landslides, forest fires, and, in some regions, drought and social unrest.

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Yayasan IDEP believes that there is a critical need for the education of Indonesia's youth in the fields of eco-literacy and practical problem solving skills to prepare the country's future leaders.

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About IDEP Media

While delivering public education and campaigning activities for a wide range of projects and organizations in the region, the IDEP Media Unit also works with the IDEP program team members, partners, developers and projects throughout Indonesia to develop and publish educational and self-help resources.

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